What Are The Qualities of An Ideal Newborn Photographer in Newcastle?

What Are The Qualities of An Ideal Newborn Photographer in Newcastle?

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What Are The Qualities of An Ideal Newborn Photographer in Newcastle?

Many hire a photographer to welcome a new member into the home because a photographer can preserve any memory efficiently. However, if you want to celebrate your newborn’s event or keep the newborn’s memory fresh, you should hire a Newborn photographer. You might find a lot of photographers with a little bit of searching, but you need to hire someone who has some unique qualities that we will discuss in today’s blog.

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Should be experienced

For ‘Newborn Photography’ one should hire someone who has the proper experience, who knows how to tackle a baby or who knows how to hold a baby. Those who are associated with Newborn Photography have a vast knowledge of the Physical structure of the babies. However, when you hire a Newborn photographer in Newcastle, you should check the portfolio of that photographer. You can check reviews or testimonials if needed. Otherwise, you can ask her some questions over the phone like – How many babies have you handled up to this point in your career? Have you received any specific newborn safety training? Etc.

Should be humble

The safety of a newborn baby is by far the most important factor when considering to hire a newborn photographer. So, the nature of a newborn photographer should be soft and humble. Yes, a humble photographer can capture and edit Newborn Photography in an artistic way.


A newborn sleep most of the time. So how to capture a photo without disturbing him/her depends on the practice, temperament and nature of a photographer. However, if you want to hire a photographer for your baby, then monitor your baby’s activity first and then contact a photographer. In this case, it is important for the photographer to be punctual.

newborn photography in newcastle

Should have infinite patience

As a parent, you should not hire someone who is not punctual. Since feeding and nap time is important so, a newborn photographer should have enough patience and time. An impatient photographer can be harmful to your sweetheart. A newborn can pass urine at any time, so a photographer should have endless patience in this matter and handle any situation with a smile.

Should have proper camera and other accessories

Usually, most newborn photographers use simple colored backdrops and soft accessories (bed, soft towel, couch, band, ribbon, basket, bowl, blanket, and many more) and DSLR. So, before hiring someone, don’t forget to ask about accessories.

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If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Newcastle, then don’t forget to get in touch with Kylie James Photography is a Lake Macquarie based Photography studio specialising in natural Newborn/Baby, Children, Maternity and Family photography.  She is the mother of two beautiful children, a wife of the most amazing supportive husband and very much a local girl that really LOVE’s to travel! Her goal is to create a relaxed and friendly environment to capture those little expressions while having lots of fun along the way! So, hurry! Make your memories lock with simple clicks.

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