Top 8 Wedding Photography Poses for Brides And Grooms

Top 8 Wedding Photography Poses for Brides And Grooms

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Top 8 Wedding Photography Poses for Brides And Grooms

Unique wedding photography poses surely turn the ordinary photo shooting sessions into eye-catchy masterpieces. That is why it is always advisable to work with creative and thoughtful wedding poses. Some brides and grooms might feel nervous while posing in front of the camera during wedding photography. But that is absolutely alright when you have a professional photographer to guide you. Super creative and highly experienced, they come with amazing posing ideas.

Wedding moment capture

Yet, so you don’t feel absolutely blank in front of the camera, here are some posing ideas for brides and grooms. When as a wedding couple you have ideas regarding wedding photography poses, it becomes an advantage for you when you consult a photographer or you finally work with him/her.

Blind Folded

Well, it is more like a tradition that the groom mustn’t see the bride before the ceremony. Well, you can pick such a pose for your wedding photo session too. Here, the brides are asked to cover the groom’s eyes right before he sees her. Such photos always look sincere and touching.

The magical First Glance

The moment the groom first sees his future wife in a wedding dress is absolutely magical. The photographers always strive to capture candid shots no matter what the pose is.

Wedding photography

Have fun in the Grass

Wedding poses not always have to be serious. It can be fun and even crazy sometimes. For example – the couple can lie in the grass while looking into each other’s eyes. They can smile and can hold each other’s hands. Often such poses can be more intimate too.  Photographers often use drone cameras for capturing such poses.

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First Dance

Obviously, it is a very important moment of the wedding. And, it usually takes place at the reception. Since there are lots of guests around during the reception, the photographer may fail to take the desired shots. That is why they often ask the bride and groom to repeat their first dance.

Forehead Kiss

When it comes to capturing more intimate poses in wedding photography, some bride and grooms may feel too shy to pose. Even if they avoid lip lock they can try forehead kiss. This is an absolute win-win pose. In fact, this is a must when you are looking for some story-telling photographs. Quality editing often makes magic happen in such cases.

Walking or Running

In such poses, gorgeous natural background often plays a crucial role. In these cases, photographers diversify the photo session with movement. Just imagine the bride and groom running or walking on the beach!

wedding photo

Intimate Looks

Capturing such looks during the wedding ceremony is not a big deal. But wedding couples and photographers may prefer capturing such shots in a more private, peaceful, and serene environment.

The embrace

Such poses are very thoughtful. In these poses, the groom can embrace the bride from behind while they will be both looking into the distance. Again here, a beautiful natural background will play a very important role in wedding photography.

Well, these poses are just to mention a few. Ideas are quite endless when you have a creative and experienced wedding photographer by your side.

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