Top 5 Baby Photography Poses Guaranteed to Delight New Parents

Top 5 Baby Photography Poses Guaranteed to Delight New Parents

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Top 5 Baby Photography Poses Guaranteed to Delight New Parents

It’s truly exciting to participate in baby photography. After all, it’s time to capture your baby’s first photos! The bliss of the photographs comes purely from capturing their cuteness and innocence. But photographing a newborn is not easy! Of course, safety is the primary factor that parents are concerned about! But posing is also a matter of concern. And that is what we have focused on in this blog. Here, we have highlighted a few newborn poses keeping the baby’s safety in mind.

A Few Guidelines on Baby Photography Posing

Photographing a newborn life is more than just taking a picture. Creating images of a newborn baby needs a safe and nurturing environment to get the best images. And that is what we always prioritize and suggest to our clients the following poses.

Frog Pose

The frog pose is an excellent way to highlight the facial features of your baby. Keeping the legs by the side, hands should be placed under the chin. But this pose is not for untrained photographers.

Wrapped Pose

There is a reason why newborns are called bundles of joy. And this pose can prove it. However, wrap your baby carefully and place them on a blanket. The wrap can provide different textures and feel to photographs. And during the shoot, your baby’s hands can be in or out. But go with what’s safe for your baby.

Tushy Up Pose

This pose allows photographers to capture three adorable traits in a single shot – the newborn’s facial features, the cuteness of the baby and the natural curvature of a baby’s bottom. But in this regard, most photographers in Newcastle wait for parents’ approval and then move forward. It actually requires significant expertise to perform safely.

Taco Pose

The taco pose is one of the poses that display both the newborn’s facial expressions and their cute little hands and feet. Most importantly, it’s comfortable! So, don’t forget to include it in your portfolio.

Side Pose

As the name suggests, the baby will be posed on their sides. The hands will be under the chin. This pose is actually an opportunity to customize, such as matching blanket colour with the baby’s skin tone, dressing your baby in a wrap to contract with the blanket, etc.

Hope, these poses will definitely delight new parents. But if you are searching for a reliable photographer for baby photography, look no further than us! Aside from poses, we have expertise in capturing the spontaneous moments of babies. Choose the package that suits your budget! And read other blogs to know more!

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