Tips experts employ for Creating brilliant Family Portraits

Tips experts employ for Creating brilliant Family Portraits

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Tips experts employ for Creating brilliant Family Portraits

So, finally, all of your family members have decided on a date for participating in family photography? Well, you know that is bliss. Having all your loved ones under one single roof means pure magic is going to happen!! Now, when it comes to family photography, things can be a little intimidating especially if this is the first time you guys are participating in such a photography session. Well, as long as all of you as a team will be cooperating with your photographer, nothing can go wrong.

Just a little planning, a little home-work – and doing family photography is super fun!! This is not all. To make the most of it, the professional photographers employ some special tips. And we are going to look at some of those tips for a better understanding of family photography.

#1 Using A Tripod

According to the expert photographers, there are some big advantages of setting that camera on the tripod. It automatically forces them to slow down which they think is a good thing. It gets them a chance to check the settings, the exposure, review the composition, etc. Another advantage is it allows them to get their eye away from the camera so they can actually make eye contact with their subjects. The tripod gives them a chance to focus more on their subjects and guide them a little better!!

#2 Shooting In Manual Exposure Mode

Choosing the right time of day and the best suitable location allows them to have better control of all the aspects of the composition. That means once the photographers are completely set up, they don’t need to change the exposure. They proceed in this way since according to them, consistency is very important. Inconsistent exposures generate more work pressure during post-processing since they have to even out all of them. It also causes a slight colour shift while increasing noise and other undesirable things. To fight this, the experts keep their exposures consistent by shooting the entire sessions in Manual Mode.

#3 Locking The Focus

Just as they do not want the exposure to be different in different frames, they also do not want the focus to be changed. They set their camera in certain ways – either they use focus lock, back button focus, or they use manual focus. When any of those focuses is set, it doesn’t change from shot to shot.

#4 The Heads set on a diagonal line

Some of the expert photographers prefer aligning the heads of their subjects in a diagonal line instead of having them in a boring straight line, row, or column. Diagonal lines make the composition even more dynamic and assure added interest to any image. Experts often apply this trick while covering a group.

#5 Bend It

Well, this is a general rule that photographs imply while photographing any people. And they think that it is a good trick to apply. Some people often tend to stand stiff, and it is quite hard to position them flexibly. At this point, photographers prefer getting them to bend a few body parts to look more relaxed.

Well, all these tips are just to start with. We will be discussing more tips in the next blogs. So keep in touch. And always play smart while choosing your family photographer.  

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