Things You Must Tell Your Professional Wedding Photographer

Things You Must Tell Your Professional Wedding Photographer

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Things You Must Tell Your Professional Wedding Photographer

On the special day of your wedding, your professional photographer will follow you around. They’ll be there for each and every significant moment, they’ll see you get ready, they’ll see you walk down the aisle, they’ll see emotions on your face and tear in your parent’s eyes.

From the beginning to the end the professional wedding photographer will be there. That’s why here’re useful and important tips to aid them while allowing you to relax & enjoy the day.

What Should You Tell Your Professional Wedding Photographer?

Tell them the order of the day

What time you will get ready and where. Do you want photographs with groomsmen too?

The location and a schedule of the day let the photographer plan their day, making sure they’re at the correct location at the correct time. This will also make sure the photographer is in the church all set to capture you getting out of the car. Your photographer has to be a step forward, always.


If there are parking restrictions or limited parking then let the photographer know. And, if possible book a space for them so that they do not have to be anxious and can also spend time photographing then attempting to park.

Family shots

If you would like to get some family photographs, or group photographs, let the photographer know. Settle on the significant photographs you want and make sure there’s sufficient time to have these captured. The more individuals and the more photographs you want, the longer it will take, so make sure there’s lots of time.

You may help your professional photographer by having groomsmen get the correct people over for the photographs that are required. Allowing your professionals to know lets them find an excellent backdrop and location for these photographs in advance, saving enough time and making it easy on the day.

Face sheets

Face sheets are helpful for individuals you would like to have in the family photographs, mainly if there are lots of people there. It makes it easy for the professional to distinguish people who must be in the photograph and makes it easy when it’s about organising the photo & people in it.

In A Nutshell

If your wedding photographer will need to know anything other than these they’ll ask before the day. So, don’t get panicked. The key is to have faith in them and allow them to get on with their responsibility and you to just relax & enjoy this wonderful day. At Kylie James & Associates Photography, we’re really good at taking special pictures that show your love story in a unique way. Tell us what you want, and we’ll make sure your wedding day photos are amazing. Don’t wait—get in touch with us now.

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