Styling FAQ’s

Family Dress and Styling, what to wear?

Styling makes the world of difference for photography. I like to keep colours to earthy and neutral tones to achieve the light and airy look to my images.

Everyone should feel comfortable, but to help achieve a better quality group photograph, it is necessary to coordinate colours (tops and bottoms) and fabric styles across your family group.Solid tones without flashy prints or graphics work best. I will work very closely with clients to help achieve the perfect look.

If you wear make-up, try wearing it a little darker than normal as it tends to highlight your face (lipstick or lip gloss is also great!).

For newborn studio shoots where other members will be involved, the goal is to limit distracting elements in the photograph so try to avoid wearing bulky jewellery, rings, watches and plunging necklines.

Add Professional make-up to any Photography Session for that extra touch. Our Make-up artist are very talented and will make you look and feel  amazing!

Ask upon booking for pricing and details.