Newborn FAQ’s

When is the best time to book a Newborn Session?

Newborn Photography Sessions are best booked in the middle of your second trimester or at least 6-8 weeks in advance. The best time to book is always before your baby meets the world!

How old should my newborn be for the session?

Newborn sessions are ideally held in the first two weeks after birth (adjusted for premies) when babies are still very sleepy, flexible and easy to settle.

It’s still possible to conduct a newborn-style session after this age (up to about the age of five or six weeks) however you will need to appreciate that it becomes more difficult to re-position babies without waking them if they become unsettled. Older babies will better fit the format our shorter baby sessions.

I ask that all my clients confirm the date within 3 days of your babies birth so we can fit you onto our schedule.

Who may attend a newborn session?

Siblings and other family members are encouraged to be included in the photography session at no additional cost, although the primary focus of the newborn session will be the new baby.

If there are younger siblings who may become unsettled during the course of the long session, I do have some activities and distractions for them to use.

It is also possible to schedule the newborn session and the family sibling images on separate days (subject to availability) if this is more convenient.

How long will a newborn session take?

The actual length of time depends on how settled your baby is on the day. Ample time will be given to feed, change and comfort your baby. Normally around 2-3hrs.

What if my baby just won’t settle?

If your baby is unsettled for an inconsiderable amount of time, it should be still possible to capture a number of lovely images with baby resting in parents arms, wrapped or even feeding.

There is plenty of time allocated to these sessions to allow for whatever measures are required to settle your baby so no-one feels anxious or rushed.

Where do the newborn Sessions take place?

All Newborn Photography Sessions are scheduled in my cosy natural light studio at Warners Bay (2 Barbara Street), and designed for the complete comfort for your family. I like to photograph between 10am-3pm when natural studio light is at its best.

Do I need to bring any props?

No need to bring any props as I have a wide range of fabrics and materials (as seen in my portfolio) that can be used and I will make suggestions as to what works best with your baby. All my fabrics are natural, no synthetic fibres are used that will irritate soft baby skin.

Can you tell me a little about your style of Newborn Photography?

I love to work with natural, light and earthy tones, without an overuse of props, giving your newborn photoshoot a natural timeless look.

I also like to keep images with more focus on your baby rather than the prop. I combine a mixture of unposed standard portraiture and lifestyle to achieve a fresh and natural organic look. I do not use any unsafe or forced poses with newborn babies.

What is required of the parents for a newborn session?

You do not need to bring anything with the exception of settling aids, a dummy if he/she has one and a spare set of clothing for you.

I do not require that you withhold any feeding from your baby for any time prior to our session or keep them awake prior to the session.

I like to schedule around when you noticed any clues to when your baby requires a feed. Most newborns do not have a set routine at this stage so we can still work around them.

Do you travel to clients homes for newborn sessions?

Yes, however I do like to talk to clients personally regarding in-home sessions to discuss particulars and lighting etc

How long after the session can I expect to see my images?

Your images from your session will be presented on a custom USB along with any prints included in the packages, normally around 1 week after the session.

As part of Kylie James Photography point of difference, light refreshments are provided whilst viewing and choosing additional print images or products that you love!

Do you arrange printing of the images?

Yes, I use a colour calibrated digital workflow and liaise closely with a professional printer to ensure your prints are of the finest quality.

Not only can a poor printing job reflect badly on my work, but it also diminishes the impact of your professional photographs which you have paid good money for.

Print prices and other products are displayed when you collect the images.