Maternity Photography Tips That Make The Magic Happen

Maternity Photography Tips That Make The Magic Happen

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Maternity Photography Tips That Make The Magic Happen

When it comes to pregnancy photography, flattering a mom with her pregnant belly is the main concern. Well, you may not know that there are various types of body types. And that means there are almost countless ways women can carry a baby. So quite obviously, a pose and angle suitable for a mom may not work at all for another. To deal with all the relevant issues, the pregnancy photography experts follow some tips to get gorgeous shots. Here we are going to be discussing some go-to angles and poses suitable for pregnant moms (and dads).

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Hands-on the belly

It’s quite natural for a mommy to want to touch the baby bump. This pose helps in drawing attention to her pregnant belly and also gives her a place to put her hands. Photographers often mix it up and try others such as hands on the hips, in the pockets or sometimes even touching hair can also work well.

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Up high

Often it happens that during pregnancy the limbs of the mother get bigger. To balance it out, photographers often prefer taking photos from height since it flatters the pregnant belly and minimizes the bigger limbs. So this angle is quite flattering.

Keep it candid 

Mom looking at her belly often comes with graceful candid pregnancy photography shots. But here mistakes are likely to happen regarding angles. For example – when the mom looks down at her belly, the photographers have to make sure that her head isn’t completely tilted at an odd angle. It tends to look unnatural. And it often creates a weird double chin.

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Classic shots

Everybody likes classic shots such as eye contact with a smile. Expressions can change from laughter to more intense. To keep it natural, photographers often have new dads stand beside them cracking silly jokes or dance!!

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Couple session

Squeezing all the air out between the couples is often a fun tip for the clients. You might have seen such heart-melting photos with couples getting full body, half body and close-ups even without the belly. Here the basic couple posing even work well.

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Straight on

In this case, it depends on how the bump is and what the mom is wearing. Twisting to the side works for all pregnant moms. But she doesn’t have to turn completely to the side. A 45° angles will be alright too.

Sitting vs. standing

Standing is always more flattering for moms with a pregnant belly. But sometimes she needs to get relaxed since this will come up with naturally beautiful photos. Sitting poses work best when it comes to shooting a family or couple-photos. Photographers just need to be extra aware of their angles.

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Well, these are just some of the basic poses. The pregnancy photography experts also experiment with creative composition since this comes up with a beautiful storytelling effect. The other aspects that pregnancy photographers play with are emotion, lenses, location, wardrobe, props, etc. To speak the truth as long as you have a super creative and experienced pregnancy photographer by your side, ideas are quite endless!!

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