Is 3 Week Too Late for Newborn Photo Session? Let’s Know!

Is 3 Week Too Late for Newborn Photo Session? Let’s Know!

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Is 3 Week Too Late for Newborn Photo Session? Let’s Know!

The arrival of your baby means posing with your little one for countless beautiful images. But there is something precious about newborns. For a brief time, your baby can curl up and dive into a deep sleep, which is truly an incredible moment to capture. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional photographer for newborn photos, ensure you hire a qualified one. And it’s not a big deal in Newcastle.

But remember, if you want to capture special moments, the ideal period of time is short. Are you wondering whether you have waited too long for a newborn photo session or not? Let’s look at the relevant things you need to know.

What Is the Best Age for Newborn Photos

7-14 Days

You definitely want to book a photo session before your baby’s arrival. Right? This way, you will actually get time to find a qualified photographer who can fulfil all your desires.

Newborns have more predictable sleeping schedules when they are young (after 7-14 days of their arrival). And this is the right time to take pictures of your baby in a womb-like state that you have probably seen online. This pose is ideal for a beautiful swaddled shot.

Week 3-5 Is Another Good Time

For some babies, it’s not possible to capture photos until they get a bit older. But don’t worry! If you can’t capture pictures during the first week, you will still have an opportunity to experience an adorable photoshoot during the third to fifth week. Between the ages of 3-5 weeks, your baby will typically act and look like a newborn. And during this time, it can be a little easy to pose. Maybe, your baby will be too awake for certain poses. But it depends on your baby’s individual growth.

Week 6-8 Can Still End up with Beautiful Images

At this point, it’s a little late for newborn photography. Your baby may be large for the props and outfits. But during this time, this photo shoot will be ideal for funny facial expressions your baby makes.

However, if you want to capture the first moments of your baby’s life, you will have a small window of time. That is why it’s best to schedule a session before the due date. And rely on us to experience creative newborn photography in Newcastle. So, ensure you grab a slot to have perfect newborn pictures to cherish forever. Hurry up! Contact us today!

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