How not to feel camera-shy during the wedding photography session

How not to feel camera-shy during the wedding photography session

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How not to feel camera-shy during the wedding photography session

The common problems among the engaged couples regarding being photographed are – either they feel awkward in front of the camera, they have insecurities that they may not be photogenic, they don’t know how to pose, or they think their expressions in the photos look fake!! Well, objections are quite endless. Do you also have any such similar thoughts in your mind?

Shrug off all these insecurities and confusions since you can easily overcome all these. Such confusions regarding wedding photography are quite common for most of the engaged couples. In most cases, couples have no idea what it is like being photographed by a professional photographer.

Being in front of a camera can sometimes be really intimidating for you. Don’t worry, here are some expert tips and tricks from experts for beautiful and candid photos on your wedding day!

1. Start with choosing a photographer you trust and easily connect with

Choosing a wedding photographer who you feel is on the same page with you is the right fit for your day. They will put you at ease while you are being photographed. A professional photographer who you genuinely feel connected with will help you feel relaxed and comfortable. And that will ultimately reflect in the photos. 

2. Opt for engagement photography or pre-wedding photography Session

Such photography sessions are like having a trial. You and your photographer both get a chance to get to know each other. You become more comfortable with your photographer and feel easier in front of the camera during your wedding photography session. In a way, ‘the fear of the unknown’ is no longer there!

Here are some more tips so you feel even easier while being photographed.

3. Far from the madding crowd

When it is time to capture couples’ photos, doing the session away from family and friends can help you relax and really get into each other. Just the two of you – for a little time – and the results are priceless, pretty mind-blowing!

4. Moments in-between

Sometimes the moments between the poses when you and your better half will be genuinely having a laugh or sharing a moment can be the sweetest things to capture!

5. Relax and have fun!

Now, this is simple but important advice! You and your soul-mate are together, so take a deep breath and live the moment to the fullest cause it is your day! Forget about the photographer, forget that you are being photographed and just be yourself in front of the camera. It will help your photographer a lot to capture candid shots.

Try to appoint a highly experienced photographer since experience makes a whole lot of difference. They should have all the latest training and they should come with a flexible approach. Experienced photographers offer customised service. So whether you want to keep it traditional or more contemporary – just tell them! They will serve you accordingly.    

Before you hire your photographer, meet them in person and talk to them regarding every single detail, your requirements, your venue,wedding date, budget, etc. It will help you know each other better and make a better start.  

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