Baby Photography with Siblings – Top Tips from A Professional

Baby Photography with Siblings – Top Tips from A Professional

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Baby Photography with Siblings – Top Tips from A Professional

Newborn photography is a cute concept to hold the moment for a long time. It is a beautiful journey for the parents as well. But sometimes it becomes hard for the photographer and the parents while there are older siblings. As for handling and including a toddler in a newborn photography session is a tough job to do. 

A session of photographing a new big brother or sister is very challenging, being a parent, you need to be prepared well. If you are looking for some tips as a parent to handle the little siblings, then here are some tips that could really help you in your upcoming newborn photoshoot. 

Here are some instructions to handle the new big brothers and sisters during a newborn photo session. 


Meet the photographer before the shoot:

To deal with the situation it is significant to meet the photographer first. Tell them that you have older kid/kids. Don’t panic at all. Professional photographers know well how to handle toddlers. They have proper experience in the newborn photoshoot with siblings. Try to take your younger ones with you while you are meeting the photographer in person. Observe the person if she/he can cope up with your little one, then you should confirm the person for the newborn photoshoot.  

Prepare yourself:

Well, it is not only the photographer’s preparation for the photo session you need to prepare yourself too. Before the shoot holding a phone call for pre-consultation is a great idea. Ask the professional to guide you when you should involve the new big brothers and sisters. 

Besides, this conversation also explains if the photographer can even able to handle the children or not. 

Some photographers suggest that leave the toddlers themselves so they can behave naturally during the shoot.

Make your older child feel special: 

It is the most crucial point. After the new baby arrives at home, there are sometimes the elder kids feel neglected and insecure, they try to grab the attention of everyone in the house. If they think this session is all about the baby, they may be uncooperative and annoyed.

So, talk to your younger kids before the photoshoot and make them believe that the newborn session is all about THEM first and foremost. 

Once the ice is broken, and after they become friendly to the photographer, the half job is done! The little brothers and sisters become closer during the photo session. 

Let them be: 

After your younger kids and the photographer become friends, they will pose anything you ask for. Do not pressurize them to do poses with the baby. If you force them, they will probably do the opposite things you said. 

Many experts suggest letting them be. After a few pics, especially if your elder child is a toddler, he/she will probably lose interest. Again, don’t force them – let him/her leave the room, do his/her thing, and come back later when he/she wants attention again. 

Safety first: 

Keep remembering one thing SAFETY IS FIRST! While shooting those siblings pictures, always have the baby’s security in mind. Make sure you as a parent you always are standing right next to them at every moment. And ask your photographer to use a bed or a sofa while taking the photos for extra safety. Using pillows can also be a help ensures a firm and safe position.

Hiring professionals can make your photoshoot a piece of cake. You will experience a good photoshoot for sure. 

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