A Handy Guide to Creative Bride and Groom Pose

A Handy Guide to Creative Bride and Groom Pose

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A Handy Guide to Creative Bride and Groom Pose

Photography is a brilliant amalgamation of art, science, and technology. That is why the best wedding photography reflects the mastery of the technology and a creative eye as well. You need to make sure you are appointing a highly experienced wedding photographer to make the most of it.

The composition is the key when it comes to wedding photography. In the professional term, composition means how the experts make all the elements in the photograph work together to create something captivating. And, one of the crucial components, of a good composition is posing.

You may have been thinking about your posing ideas as the bride or the groom. That’s great. Even if you don’t have any idea and being in front of the camera makes you pretty nervous, that is also not a problem at all. The professional photographers are fully prepared and experienced in working with different clients. They cooperate all the ways to make you feel comfy, confident, and look candid while posing for the photos.


Still, it will be beneficial for you and the photographer if you learn what to do during the photoshoots, what types of poses are going to work best, etc. ahead of time. Follow the tips given below and mirror-practice the poses so you don’t have any problem with posing for the photos on your wedding day:

The V pose

This is a classic wedding pose and there are variations of it. You and your partner will be in touch near the waist and hip area. And from there, you can lean in or hold each other, etc.  

Groom Behind Bride

This creative wedding pose works well specifically outdoors in open nature or in a grand architectural background. In this pose, the groom will be holding the bride from behind while both will be looking off into the distance with a soft smile.


Bride carried by the groom

The effect can be truly magical. You can try different angles while allowing the bride’s dress to flow and drape artfully in various ways.

wedding photographer

Walking Hand in Hand

Bride and groom walking hand in hand is another classy pose. You can try this pose both facing forward and away from the camera. This pose works well on both natural and concrete, country and urban backgrounds.

Wedding photography

Intimate Looks

Being photographed while facing each other is a very romantic pose. You may gaze directly into each other’s eyes while smiling. Or, the bride may be looking away demurely or keeping her eyes closed while still holding a soft smile.

Intimate Looks pose

Swinging Pose

The groom will be swinging his bride for a spontaneous action shot. This will let the photographer take brilliant wedding photos. This pose works the best in the outdoors.

Also, there are other poses such as the dip, the symmetrical pose, etc. However, to make yourself even more photogenic, feel relaxed and stand straight, think happy thoughts, smile from your eyes instead of just wearing a fake smile. All these are going to make a lot of difference. Of course, there will be professional photographers to help you out. So, don’t worry if you are camera-shy.

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