A Few Things You Need To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

A Few Things You Need To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photographer

A Few Things You Need To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

Your photographer is going to be the person who will stay closest on your Wedding Day. They will be with you every moment from the start of the ceremony to the end. On that day, they will be seeing you when your beloved people won’t!

Only a professional photograher, who will make those amazing memories of you last through photographs. And, after the celebration ends you will be seeing yourself in the photographs as newlyweds and also your guests celebrating your marriage ceremony happily. So, Make everything doubly sure regarding your photographer, with these handy tips written below:

Wedding Photographer

1) Tell them about the theme of your wedding

Relying on the theme of the wedding chosen by you, your photographer will be able to visualise and plan the kinds of shots they should take. If your theme is ‘Secret Garden’, they may plan for some dreamy shots, or make use of imaginative framing like archways made by bushes or trees for adding flair and interest to the photos.

2) Go through their shot list once

See their shot list and expand it to comprise more than only you and the guests. Request them to take photographs of all the small details at the wedding. From the jacket, the groom is wearing to the flowers the wedding venue is decorated with, and the guests having fun and chilling at the reception party. If there’s a particular photo that you really want, discuss it with your photographer.

On the other hand, there could be some parts of your wedding you would rather not want to be captured. Inform them about those so that they know what to avoid. With that, also believe your photographer to get everything correct.

3) Discuss the locations of the shoot

Tell your professional photographer if you’ve precise locations in mind which you want them to capture. For instance, under a beautiful tree or centre of a field. This allows them to plan and be ready for the shots, mainly when it comes to adjusting the lights.

4) Tell them what your expectations are

Don’t forget to share with the photographer about the important things they should know. Inform them what they must wear at the ceremony and have a timeline to make sure they capture all the special moments and decrease stress. This also comprises separating time for those special bride-and-groom photos.

5) Tell them if there’s any group photo requirement

Do you want to capture big group shots comprising the whole wedding? Let your photographer know that in advance. These will take longer to arrange and you don’t want a mess where one of your favourite people is missing from the photograph.

The final thought

Keeping in mind all the facts mentioned above is important. But do you know what the most important thing is? That is hiring the correct person as your wedding photographer. Who won’t ruin the day and make that special day of yours more memorable and happy. And, finally don’t end up choosing an amateur person. 

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