9 Posing Ideas for Natural Photography in Newcastle

9 Posing Ideas for Natural Photography in Newcastle

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9 Posing Ideas for Natural Photography in Newcastle

Posing can be one of the most challenging parts of being photographed. As long as you can’t pose naturally and wait awkwardly for the photographer’s direction, it becomes really tough for your photographer to capture candid shots. Of course, your photographer will strive to make you comfy and confident in front of the camera. But, you will have to make the rest of it happen. So your photographer can capture your love and connection, here are some posing ideas for natural photography in Newcastle for you.

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According to expert photographers, clients do need some direction. But too much direction can make you pose stiff which is not desirable. Here is a bunch of poses and prompts that you can use to pose naturally. These will surely draw out spontaneous moments and real emotion. Your connection and love will reveal. And that will give your photographer the opportunity to capture varied shots from the same setup.

1. Simply hug

This is a no brainer pose for sure. But there are many variations of a hug. And these will get your photographer many ways to frame it. Hugging your loved ones naturally brings out emotions and that shows in the photos. It can be a surprise hug, the sitting hug, or a ground hug.


2. A Kiss

Do we really need any explanation here? You can try different kisses or about-to-kiss postures. It can be a forehead kiss, the tip of the nose kiss, subject looking at camera while being kissed, holding hands and leaning in for a kiss. Again like a hug, a kiss brings out natural expressions spontaneously. You can try lip kiss (about to kiss), Eskimo kiss (touch nose), hand kiss, or anything else you want. 

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3. The Pick-Up

Photographers often ask a couple to do this since this ensues laughter naturally. Photographers watch your angles since this shot is best taken while side-on.

4. Yes, the PiggyBack!!

This is another pose that will naturally provoke joyous squeals of laughter whether the subjects are kids or adults. Kids just love these poses in natural photography in Newcastle. Experts capture these shots from down low to frame the expressions and connection.

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5. The Swing

This is another pose kids love. And it brings out a lot of fun to the session for the children. And of course, this is advantageous for the photographers since it is important for them capturing real smiles and laughter. You can also try the flying swing.

6. Running

Most photographers find it a great way to start a photography session especially one with kids. It switches the fun on immediately and breaks the ice.

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7. Dance or swirl

This is great for both kids and adults. For a swirling shot, girls can wear a flowy skirt or dress since it will look great in the photos. In fact, dancing can be a fascinating shot for a bride and groom.

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8. The Wall

A wall can be a great backdrop for a photo. And it will always relax subjects.

9. Hands

Capture children with mum or dad, a couple holding each other’s hands or playing with each other’s fingers.

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Well, all these poses for natural photography in Newcastle are only to mention a few. You just don’t worry about posing in front of the camera. And the photographer will manage the rest of it.

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